First knowee prototype is available

Update: A crappy screencast is online now.

The first knowee prototype demo is finally online and available for download. The demo server is a small, shared one, the number of accounts is limited (please leave a comment or send a mail to the list if you'd like to be noticed of new accounts).

Everything is still work in progress, but I think we can start soliciting feedback, now that the basic system is working (well, more or less). I'm currently preparing a screencast to illustrate the first set of features. For now, please read this post for hints, or ask us directly.

So, what can you do with knowee v0.1.0?

Well, not too much yet. knowee allows you to aggregate your scattered online social graph fragments. (Only publicly available data sources and only a few formats are supported so far.) You can load and aggregate RDF/XML, Turtle, and the XFN microformat. A small hCard subset is already supported as well. HTML extractors for eRDF, RDFa, and other microformats are in the works.

sources view

Once you've collected a bunch of sources (e.g. your FOAF file, your XFN-containing twitter account page, and an hCard from LinkedIn), you can run knowee's "Information Mesher" which will generate consolidated profile and graph views. (Make sure that the ID and Link definitions in the settings section are populated with the default entries.)


You can specify which relation types your social network uses, and which additional information the Mesher should use during consolidation. Just hit "Set to defaults" for now.

ID definitions

A simple RDF browser allows you to explore the gathered information (no editing yet).


The next release will have profiles with embedded semantics to facilitate data re-distribution. Currently, only plain HTML is generated. You can activate and play with a sophisticated SPARQL endpoint if you like, though. It can be activated via the API settings.

API settings

If you run into bugs (you definitely will) or if you have feature requests, or if you'd perhaps even like to help us with the development, please check out the community section and get in touch.

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