Your Job And Your Eye Health

Doing the things that we need to do to keep our eyes healthy in the workplace environment is something that we rarely think about. A lot of people work in environments that require a lot of computer work. If you work in an office situation there are things that you can do to protect your eyes from the negative effects of poor posture and excessive computer work. Therefore, here is some information concerning what you can do to protect your vision health in your job situation:

It is rare that we ever associate posture with eyesight. However, there is certainly a connection between this factor and the maintenance of healthy eyesight. This is due to the fact that poor posture can lead to tension in the back, shoulders and neck. This can lead to problems in the visual system related to eye strain; one of the factors that contribute to poor eyesight. Also, most people have jobs that require them to sit at their work desks for long periods of time in one position. Often, this is done while staring and performing work duties that require a lot of close up work. Therefore, if you are in such a workplace situation practicing proper posture will have a positive effect on your eye health.

Here are some tips to maintain proper posture at your work desk to improve your vision health: Sit with your pelvis positioned in such a way that it is pushed back in the seat where it touches the back of your chair. Sit upright in such a way that your back is in a straight position with your body weight resting on your pelvis. Your back and pelvis should form a 90 degree angle. Also, ensure that your knees are at a 90 degree angle with your feet planted firmly on the floor. Resist the temptation to tuck your feet underneath your chair. This posture technique releases stress and tension in the back, shoulders and the spine. This allows the free flow of circulation to various parts of the body, including the visual system. Therefore, it benefits eye health.

Sitting at your computer desk all day in one position for too long a period of time can lead to circulation problems and tension in various parts of the body. You can solve this problem by taking a short break from your desk to walk around your office. This will improve the body’s circulation; a factor important in improving vision health.

The problem of performing excessive close up work on the computer is that it places added strain on the visual system, thereby causing tension in the eye muscles. You can practice a simple eye relaxation technique involving looking at distant objects to relieve eye strain. For example, focus on objects in the distance that are about 20 feet away from you for every 25 minutes for about 5-7 seconds. Glance at these objects in a relaxed manner but don’t exert a lot of conscious effort at focusing on them. These techniques release stress and tension in the visual system and relieve eye strain. By practicing these relaxation techniques, you’ll be well on your way to improving and protecting your precious eyesight at the work place.